Five Tips On Choosing Self Storage Facilities

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Five Tips On Choosing Self Storage Facilities

De-cluttering your home for refurbishment at the moment? Planning moving houses? You probably don’t even know where all those storage boxes with paperwork, electric appliances, sports gear and clothing come from. The good news is that modern self storage solutions are a great way to free more space from unnecessary equipment and excessive clothes with the 24/7 access to your possessions. If you need a short guide to using these convenient facilities, here are a few tips on where to start and what to store.

1. Choose the right location

Just like when choosing property, location is probably the most significant factor you take into account when picking a suitable self storage provider. Fortunately, it’s as easy as pie to find storage facilities in the local area as these centres are available throughout the UK. To find a suitable location, do a little research on the web.

2. Clarify important details

Even if the location is perfect, there are a few points to take into consideration before you book a unit. Reputable online agencies usually offer high levels of security thanks to cutting-edge alarm systems and quality steel units. Personal padlocks can make all the difference when it comes to security. Then, shed light on the payment options available. Try to find a company that doesn’t charge additional fees if you leave or change your unit earlier than expected.

3. Find the most suitable unit

Obviously, self storage units come in various sizes. In general, storage units are between six and twelve feet high and their sizes vary from twenty-five to ten thousand square feet. If you are going to store larger items, there are centres where you can store possessions on pallets in open storage areas. Outside units are also available at certain centres which gives you an additional benefit of 24/7 access to your belongings.

4. What items to store

You can store practically anything in your self storage unit with an exception of perishable, flammable and self storage tipsillegal items such as fireworks, dangerous chemicals, perishable foods and materials and so on. If you are going to use your unit for household purposes, you can store seasonal items and bulky leisure equipment there which is especially beneficial when moving houses and de-cluttering your home from too much stuff. What concerns using storage facilities for business purposes, it’s a great way to store excessive and seasonal stock, paperwork, office equipment, tools, etc.

5. Packing up

Before you start packing, make sure you have enough packing materials. Most self storage companies provide clients with all the necessary packing materials including cardboard boxes in different sizes, bubblewrap, tissue paper, packing tape, dust covers, etc. Spread all the items you want to store to make sure that all the boxes are equally heavy. After boxing your possessions, label each box on the top and on the side. When it’s time for transportation, hire a van at the same website. If you are not quite sure what size of van you need, make use of specialist consultancy often provided by storage companies.

All in all, convenient self storage facilities are used for both household and business purposes. Use the tips mentioned in this article to make the most of your storage unit. While using removal companies, make sure you check their credibility before hand. Contact us for more advice if needed.